Our review after we used Dryel and a tutorial on how to use it.

This method will save you $100’s of dollars in dry cleaning bills

We tried Dryel, a product used to clean clothes and dry-clean only items in your dryer instead of dropping them off at a commercial dry cleaner. Read on for our Dryel review and step-by-step instructions on how to use it.

I have a confession to make….I can’t remember ever taking any clothes to get dry cleaned.   It’s probable I must have at least once in my life, but I just don’t remember going, so maybe not? My husband has taken his suit when it needs it, but aside from that, I just try to avoid having clothes that need to be dry cleaned.  

Doesn’t he look handsome?

Well, in the last few months, my oldest son has been wearing his church suit weekly to church.  He doesn’t get sweaty in it and takes care of it, but still, with being worn for 3+ hours every week, it was time to get it cleaned.  

I had the best intentions of dropping it off at a cleaners and even found a deal on a discount card I had bought from our local high school.  But my intentions never translated to action.

You see, we live about 45 minutes from the nearest shopping (except a basic grocery store and Family Dollar).  I try to only make that trip once every few weeks and I could never seem to remember to bring my son’s suit with me. The only time I remembered was on Saturday night and then all day Sunday.

This method will save you $100's of dollars in dry cleaning bills
This method will save you $100’s of dollars

Enter Dryel.  Dryel is a useful product that allows you to dry clean your “dry clean only” garments at home using your normal dryer.  David had used it several years ago and he said it worked well, so during one of the times that I was actually thinking about the suit needing to be cleaned, I ordered a pack off of Amazon.

Within a few days, I had it, ready to use.


In the pack that I bought (click this link to see it), along with the reusable dryer bag and heat activated cleaning cloths, it came with a stain remover pen and an odor/wrinkle releasing spray.


Stain Treat

Using the Dryel product is very simple.  First, find a clean, dry area to spread out the clothes you are wanting to dry clean.  Carefully search your clothing for any stains. We found several on my son’s suit, one of which was a grease spot.

Use the stain remover pen to pre-treat any stains.

Wrinkle/Odor Release Spray

Next, stretch out your clothes and inspect them for areas that have a lot of wrinkles.  

Use the odor/wrinkle release spray on the most wrinkly areas or that are extra stinky (think armpit and crotch areas).

Add to Bag

The next step is easy, just add your clothes along with one of the heat-release cloths to the reusable bag and zip it shut.


Throw everything in the dryer for 20 to 30 minutes on medium heat and wait (we caught up on the last episode of one of our shows on Hulu while Dryel was doing it’s magic)!


After our clothes were done, we took them out and examined them.  The spots were gone and they were clean! As you can see in the pictures below, the stain was completely gone. You will need to hang your suits to avoid excess wrinkling.

I definitely will use this product in the future and am so grateful to find a cheaper, easier alternative to dropping things off at the dry cleaner!