A step-by-step tutorial and review of the affordable Crea Clip.

Why the Crea Clip?

I love the look of a fresh haircut, especially on my girls.  It’s so fun to change the length to fit their personality or season.  What I don’t love is the price tag associated with taking 4 girls (plus me!) to a professional to get a haircut.  


The Crea Clip is a simple tool that helps you to trim and give simple haircuts from home.

Though I think getting a haircut by a professional is somewhat of a rite of passage and I definitely enjoy doing it, I have found a happy medium where I can give myself and my girls trims and keep our hair looking healthy in between visits.  In doing so, I can also save my family a lot of money.


It is so exciting for them to see how much hair has been trimmed off!

I have saved hundreds of dollars by trimming and cutting our hair using the Crea Clip.  Once you invest in the Crea Clip, you will continue to save money for years to come.  We’ve had ours for 4 years now, and it is not showing any wear or tear.

Instructions for Using Crea Clip

A Tutorial

So now the important stuff…step by step instructions.

Gather the Materials

Trimming hair doesn’t take many tools. You will need the Crea Clip set, scissors, a comb or brush, and a towel to keep the mess under control.


These are the materials needed to trim hair.

Prepare the hair

First, wet the hair and comb out all the tangles.  This will ensure that flyaways are at a minimum and you will get the cleanest cut.


Before the trim. Notice the ends are not as smooth as the rest of the hair. Make sure to wet the hair down really well to get the cleanest looking cut.

Determine where the split ends are

Next, decide the length that you want.  At this point, it is important to examine the hair and determine where the split ends start.  For the healthiest hair, you need to cut off all of the split ends.

Place the Clip

The Crea Clip makes the next step easy.  If you are not cutting bangs or sides, use the white clip. 


The plastic teeth on the Crea clip grab onto the hair and make it easy to cut the hair straight.

Open the clip and carefully place it where you would like to cut the hair. 

Make sure that the hair is as smooth and straight as possible. Close the clip and use the built in level to make sure it is straight.


Carefully place the white Crea clip, ensuring that the hair is straight and that you aren’t missing any sections of hair.

Cutting the hair

Next you will use sharp scissors like these and trim away all the hair underneath the clip. 

After you have cut all the hair underneath the clip, take off the clip and comb the hair very carefully.  From time to time, there will be a piece of hair that wasn’t quite straight or that missed being in the clip.  Just trim these small pieces by hand.

Sides and Bangs

If you want to trim bangs, it is much the same process, just use the blue clip for best results.

I like to soften the look by adding simple layers to the sides.  This is a little trickier, but the nature of layers is that it doesn’t have to be perfect.  I use the blue clip for this and place it at a slight incline, using the level to make sure each side is the same.

Take a 3-4 inch long section and add hair to the clip while it is at your chosen angle.  Cut the hair as before, just at an angle. Repeat for the other side, ensuring that you are using the same angle.


Using the blue Crea Clip, it is easy to create layers that frame the face.

The Finished Product

Since we have 4 daughters, I have had the opportunity to use the Crea Clip quite often. Honestly, the first time I used it, it was just as easy to use as the 12th or 13th time I used it. The haircuts look clean and healthy and we save a lot of money!




Using the Crea Clip, I am able to keep my girls’ hair looking neat and healthy, all from the comfort of our home and without spending money aside from the initial investment.