Now that we are the proud owners of four 200+ lbs pigs we gladly shared the wonderful news with others. This is always followed up with the questions, “Like real pigs?” “Why?”

To answer the first part, yes real pigs, not the miniature pigs that people keep for pets, but bacon bearing, ham carrying, pork chop producing, fill your plate pigs. The why part of the question is answered by saying we are in a position to help a friend with re-homing her pigs due to some personal/family issues. See Pigs, we now have pigs!

We had talked about having pigs along with  a number of other animals on our property a few times prior to this opportunity being presented to us. Here’s how it went down:  I was working on our friend’s well because it wasn’t holding water. We have to spend so much effort and worry to make sure our homes have water that when it becomes a huge obstacle if our wells are not functioning. We had decided to loan our friend a large storage tank we had sitting around to help her keep water on hand. In exchange for this, she asked if we would think about taking 2 of her 4 pigs as payment for the work done. We agreed, and after the re-homing of the other 2 pigs fell through, we ended up with the 4 we have today.