Seeing your child sick is always miserable.  When one of my children has a strong cough, it is one of the worst feelings watching them cough and cough. I just want to make it go away and I feel so helpless.  

Nonstop Coughing Is Hard On Everyone

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There are several things that we use at our house, both medicinal and homeopathic, when our kids come down with a horrible cough.

When you’ve been up coughing all night, the last thing you want to do is pose for a picture!

One of my daughters is especially prone to respiratory issues. She had RSV when she was 4 months old and now at the age of 7, has been diagnosed with pneumonia at least 3 times.  Whenever a cold runs through our family, she always seems to end up with it the worst and has the most lingering cough.

Breathe Stick

This is one of DoTerra’s more affordable products and has always given us noticeable results.

Just this year, we have started using DoTerra’s Breathe Stick. I have a whole post dedicated to it that you can read about here, but let’s just say we are definitely fans of this product and that it works wonders for coughs.


Honey is a time honored remedy that has been used for soothing coughs for centuries, and for good reason. It really works!

In a study done listed on Mayo Clinic’s website, they found that giving straight honey to children 2 and older with respiratory tract infections had a measurable decrease in coughing and actually they could not tell the difference between the benefits of honey and that of over the counter cough suppressants!

This is a big deal to me! My children can get the same benefit of a natural product as manufactured medicine with who knows what added to it.

You can either take honey straight from a spoon, or my kids love it mixed in with warm water and a little lemon. This is an especially effective combination if their illness is accompanied with a sore throat. It is a soothing, beneficial drink.

Raw and Unfiltered honey helps sooth coughs.

In order to get the full health benefits, raw honey is the way to go. Make sure it is 100% pure, so nothing is added to it. When we run out of the honey our bees produce, we use this.

Don’t get me wrong, I do use Robitussin and the like when it seems absolutely necessary, but it gives me peace of mind knowing I can get the same results with raw honey.


We have been using nano silver as part of our defense against germs for a few years now. This is one of those things that, for us, it is hard to tell if it is actually working because there is no solid proof. I can say though, that since we have started giving it to my daughter at the first sign of a cough, she has not had anymore ER visits or diagnoses of pneumonia. Before we started using it, she was in the ER at least once a year with pneumonia.

Nano-silver is one of the most effective ways to use silver.

I take it as well at the first sign of sickness and (knock on wood) I rarely get sick. The particles of silver prevent one-celled organisms (bacteria and virus) from using oxygen and effectively stops them. Silver has a wide variety of uses including for cuts on the skin and pink eye. This is the brand that we use.

Keep the Air Humid

Dry air irritates nasal passages and throats. This causes coughs and respiratory infections to become worse. Conversely, running a humidifier full time during a bout of sickness will bring much needed relief. We live in an extremely dry climate, so this next step is very crucial for us. When someone in our family is laid up with a cough, we keep our humidifier constantly running.

I love this humidifier because of its large storage tank and ability to direct the flow in the direction I want. It’s nice not to have to refill in the middle of the night!

The humidifier we use is no longer being sold, but this one is very similar. You should look for a cool mist humidifier. This particular one is awesome because it has antibacterial material built into it. This is great because you don’t want to redistribute bacteria into the breathing space of an already sick child or adult!

At least once a week, be sure to wipe down all parts of your humidifier. To be extra thorough and be sure your are killing all germs that may be hiding there, fill the bottom of the tank with white vinegar and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then scrub all parts of the humidifier and it will be good as new!

Homeopathic Remedies

That can be bought from the store

Though Homeopathic and Homemade may seem to go hand in hand, there is a broad selection of homeopathic remedies that can be bought from the store or Amazon. When my oldest was a baby, his pediatrician recommended Zarbee’s products and we have used them ever since.

Zarbee’s comes in several different formulations so you can customize and choose the formulation that will fit your needs. My favorite is this 2-pack

With half a dozen kids, we see our fair share of coughing. These remedies have been tested by us for 13 years and I feel confident saying that they really work!

Disclaimer: I am not a health professional and do not claim that these are medical recommendations. If you are experiencing health issues, please see your doctor.