“Years ago, a study established that for young men and women the influence of the Holy Ghost most often accompanies individual scripture study and prayer in the home. ” – Quentin L. Cook October 2018 Conference

This simple assignment helps build confidence of tweens and young teens on their ability to interpret the scriptures.
The youth of the Church need to start younger and study harder than ever before to be able to complete what will be asked of them.

There are many valuable resources available to help you customize the Come Follow Me program to meet the needs of your family. Since half of my children at this point would be considered “tweens,” I have been giving my 9-12 year-year-olds an “assignment” each week.

These assignments are intended to help them become familiar with the scriptures including Joseph Smith Translation, the Come Follow Me manual, and talks given by General Authorities.

I try to keep it simple and “easy,” while focusing on important truths and drafting the questions in such a way that they will become confident in their abilities to find answers in the scriptures and other resources provided to them. I don’t pretend to be perfect, but this is how I have felt inspired to help my “tweens” benefit from the Come Follow Me Program.


In this assignment, I ask my children to read a short passage from the assigned reading this week in Acts (10 verses) and answer 5 questions about this reading.

It is my hope that because the amount of reading I am asking them to do is short, they will take the time to understand and ponder the material.

I have noticed that the language of the scriptures is so foreign to kids this age, that they often skim over verses and don’t really understand what they are reading. 

By having them search for the answers to these 5 questions, I am trying to get them to focus their reading and understand that they are capable of understanding stories in the scriptures no their own. 

Normally I write the weekly assignment on our white board so our tweens can easily refer to the weekly assignment and it is somewhat permanent. But, since our white board is currently MIA 😢, I wrote the assignment on a piece of paper until we can find it (real life here, folks!).

This assignment asks tweens and young teens to read 10 verses in Acts and answer these 5 questions. In doing so, they will discover they can understand the scriptures, despite the difference in verbiage.

Weekly Assignment

In our home, it is helpful to give a few days to allow my kids to complete this assignment. Not because I think it will take them a long time, but they seem to do it more willingly when it is on their own timetable and don’t feel as forced.

Each of my kids who are old enough have their own copy of the Come Follow Me manual and I encourage them to write the answers to their weekly assignment directly in their manual. If your kids don’t have their own, just on regular paper or a notebook specifically designated for Come Follow Me will work just as well.

Read Acts 23:14-24

Answer the following questions:

  • What did the priests and elders promise in verse 14?
  • Who warned Paul of their plan?
  • What did Paul do after he was warned about the plan?
  • In verse 21, how many people were planning to attack Paul?
  • What did the chief captain do to protect Paul?

That’s it. It’s simple and to the point, and accomplishes the task of helping my children open the scriptures and begin to interpret them on their own.

This simple assignment helps build confidence of tweens and young teens on their ability to interpret the scriptures.