“Years ago, a study established that for young men and women the influence of the Holy Ghost most often accompanies individual scripture study and prayer in the home. ” – Quentin L. Cook October 2018 Conference

The youth of the Church need to start younger and study harder than ever before to be able to complete what will be asked of them.

Purpose of These Assignments

There are many valuable resources available to help you customize the Come Follow Me program to meet the needs of your family. Since half of my children at this point would be considered “tweens,” I have been giving my 9-12 year-olds an “assignment” each week.

These assignments are intended to help them become familiar with the scriptures including Joseph Smith Translation, the Bible Dictionary and Topical Guide, the footnotes, the Come Follow Me manual, and talks given by General Authorities.

I try to keep it simple and “easy,” while focusing on important truths and drafting the questions in such a way that they will become confident in their abilities to find answers in the scriptures and other resources provided to them. I don’t pretend to be perfect, but this is how I have felt inspired to help my “tweens” benefit from the Come Follow Me Program.


The assignment for this week can be downloaded as a Word file by clicking on the following link.

Come Follow Me Assignment August 12 August 12

This assignment breaks down a section from the Come Follow Me manual. The manual suggests that we read 4 chapters and look for things listed “regarding how Saints should live.” As an adult, this is somewhat overwhelming, so I imagine it would probably be overwhelming for my kids to read four chapters.

I have broken down the assignment and asked my kids to read only 6 verses in the hopes that if they are reading a shorter passage, they will be more motivated to really understand it.

The verses I ask them to read have many footnotes, many which clarify the meaning. It is my hope that this assignment will help them to see how to use footnotes and understand that using the footnotes often leads to greater understanding.

I have also included an introspective question and a challenge for them to apply what they are thinking about to their personal prayers this evening.

Here is what I ask my kids to complete:

Read the section in the Come Follow Me manual entitled: “Paul Invites me to become a true Saint and follower of Jesus Christ.”

Read Romans 12:9-15.  In these verses, Paul lists some things we can do to live like Saints.

  • In verse 9, what do you think it means to have “love without dissimulation?” (HINT  – Look at footnote).
  • List 3 qualities from verses 9 – 16 that describe how Saints should act.
  • Re-read verse 12.  Pay special attention to footnote c.  What does this verse mean to you?
  • List 4 unique things you can pray for or about that you include in your personal prayers tonight.

Weekly Assignment

In our home, it is helpful to give a few days to allow my kids to complete this assignment. Not because I think it will take them a long time, but they seem to do it more willingly when it is on their own timetable and don’t feel as forced.

Each of my kids who are old enough have their own copy of the Come Follow Me manual and I encourage them to write the answers to their weekly assignment directly in their manual. If your kids don’t have their own, doing the assignment on a regular paper or a notebook specifically designated for Come Follow Me will work just as well.

This assignment is intended to help youth become familiar with using footnotes while searching for answers in the scriptures.
This assignment is intended to help youth become familiar with using footnotes while searching for answers in the scriptures and also using the Come Follow Me Manual.