We are a family of 8, doing the best we can with what we have. We live in a small mountain community and are excited to be able to share snapshots of our life with you. There are so many different aspects to our family and we are still figuring out a lot of things.

Raising 6 kids is challenging, but oh so fun. The name of our blog, “Half a Dozen Reasons” is dedicated to our 6 children. We hope to share snapshots from both our day to day life as well as one-time special occasions and projects.

We have “half a dozen reasons” to do everything we do, whether it is making a kid-friendly recipe, remodeling our basement, or just trying to survive the day. Our half a dozen reasons motivate us to try to be the best we can and we are happy to share some of our attempts with you!

David and Kristalyn with our half a dozen reasons

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